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Mary Beaney and the Byzantine inspiration

An earthy project with Effy Wild

Yes, last week was week two of my art journaling course with Effy Wild! Funny how the whole week seemed muddy, heavy, wet other words very earthy! Thinking about reflecting in our journals the meaning of earth was quite new to me but by using Tony Buzan's mind mapping approach it became quite straightforward as it is an approach I have used in another context.


Given that at the moment I love abstract painting, there is a lot of scope for using Tony Buzan's technique in the near future do thank you Effy for this tip!

It's no secret that I love bright colors, oranges, yellows, cherry reds and yet, when it was about working on this journal page I found myself drawn to darker tones.

Who knows, in my subconscious it might be a subtle reminder that darker tones are connected with the engine of life on earth, the place where seeds are nurtured .......... or that the earth is dark red in one region of the world, in my beloved South Africa, a land of brave and immensely creative people. It can also be dark brown close to black in the old birch tree forests of my mother's Russia, the land of Chekhov and Tolstoy and it is brown in my garden, here in the British kingdom.

012 Just like life, one cannot define the earth in one color, or one word, or one emotion, or one musical note. The earth is an orchestra, the earth sings ........ the songs of our ancestors over time, their wisdom and discoveries, songs reflecting our challenging present and the songs of the future, the future we are all responsible for. The earth knows it all! 



Simona Mihai

We are so many miles apart... and guess what I took out of the trunk? ;) Tony Buzan's Mind Mapping... I recall you (years ago, eons ago) fascinated with this book while travelling on the bus to meet downtown and go to the gym, for a walk or some tea :))) His world of color, creativity and maybe coming from Jane hooked you for a while, back then :) Her stories and last years among some pretty good painters former doctors retired then or Mrs Birza kind of got you very quiet whenever she talked about them.
Best of luck with the Exhibition! Enjoy that day and the rest of the summer!

Simona Mihai

Juliette Binoche in the movie In My Country said something similar about the soil of South Africa and playing the part of an Afrikaner poet says something touching like - the country, language of my soul....


Oh Simona, this is quite a coincidence! And yes, Jane had this amazing capacity to inspire others and point me/us to "ground breaking" (for those times) ideas/concepts. And Mr. Birza ......... how can I forget his paintings! I will always, always remember his arlequin(!) series, the ballet dancers and another one I used to call "the tuaregs"! His paintings deserve to be displayed
in England! Do you know anything about him? Much love! Corina


As for Juliette Binoche! I love her! Haven't seen "My country" ..... yet! But oh boy what a beautiful metaphor ....... the country, language of my soul! I'll remember that! Blessings! Corina

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