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Hooray, yippee, the time has arrived for my new  journalling course (have a look at I wrote about it a few weeks ago and now it's opened its doors! It's the real deal with tutorials and even homework :o) 

Years ago the word homework used to fill me with dread  but now I'm so excited! The only thing I need to plan better is my time. :o)

Journaling, I've been doing this for years, at the beginning just a few scattered words in dated notebooks, barely filling in 2 lines per day .....this was many, many years ago!

Years later, I was attracted by beautiful, and if I may say so, expensive notebooks, superbly decorated with butterflies or Italian lakes images or the simple and stylish Moleskine, the leather ones ..........hmmm these ones were my favourite! This was the time when I fell in love with creative writing through SARK and Julia Cameron. So writing on all sorts of themes took over and lovely images on the covers became a thing of the past!

In time,  I felt the need to decorate the  inner pages of the journals and this is when  my passion for lifestyle magazines proved to be an endless source of exciting images, giving my writing more color and weight. Slowly, I moved into decorating the covers this: 


And then I just wanted another challenge and got into painting the covers and experimenting with altered images........

014 (2) 

It's a new phase now! Thanks to the e-course I'm doing I have a perfectly OK reason to take old, very old notebooks and give them a new look. Here is what I came up with a few days ago:


and .........


I love the whole process, the techniques that are taught, the quality of the teaching and of course the chance to see other colleague's work! One learns a bit from everybody!



Effy Wild

I featured this on FB today, lovely! I was so thrilled, both with what you did with your altered book, and with what you had to say about the course. <3

Simona Mihai

I totally love what you did and it is nice but Rhiannon is my favorite by far


Lovely beginning to your journals ;0)

Love Dawn xx


Dear Dawn,

Thank you so much for your encouragement! Many blessings from England!


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