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Jonas Gerard and the art of free painting

Painting seems to play a bigger and bigger part in my life! I wake up wanting to touch the brushes and experiment with the tubes of colors, go through the day doodling in my journal and meet the evenings with an art book in my hand. Be it face to face or on a virtual level, being part of like minded tribes is uplifting and nurturing. If you are inclined to try your hand at painting or sculpting or playing with clay or just expressing yourself creatively in general ..... look for like minded people, look for the people who are out there already  doing whatever you want to try.

Have a look in your own community, move into that virtual one that is the special interest community, start networking, connecting, and in no time you will see yourself in the middle of it all ....... in the middle of creative expression.

The other day one of my fellow painters introduced me to an amazing artist who absolutely took my breath away. His name is Jonas Gerard! Have a look at the video below and we'll speak a bit later


OK now that you've watched this video .......... what do you think? What did seeing Jonas paint do to you? What are the feelings that he brought to the surface in you? Happiness, joy, fun, optimism, love, ..........we are all touched in different ways. In my case the freedom of expression was overwhelming and I felt the need to shout and say YES, YES, YES ......... this is creative expression ....... free from judging, free from any expectation, free from planning ....... it's the brush, the music, the artist channeling messages from the universe. That's all!

Where can you start? With a white piece of paper, a few paint tubes or juicy pens, a cup of coffee or tea or whatever you fancy and ....... that's all ....... this is enough to ............ meet the "you within" and get a creative dialogue going! This dialogue will impact on your whole life!

Jonas Gerard is genuine and authentic! An artist through and through! And guess what .... he is a self taught artist!




thank you, thank you for sharing the vids. loved his leg movement and all his zeal, how could he not paint as he said. he was born with it. i want one of his paintings. we are ready to do the same on BIG, yes!!


Oh mornindove I absolutely loved him as well. Great personality and such a generous spirit! And how about the colors he uses! Gorgeous! I would love to owe his work as well and visit his studio! How about that!? And yes, yes, yes, I'm ready! Let's aim high girl!

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