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Yes you can - Art flow and Chalk gallery exhibits in Alfriston


6 months ago I was commuting to London. 6 months ago I was asking myself this it? 6 months ago painting helped me keep a faint, very faint inner smile. Painting until 12 midnight and waking up at 5.45 is no joke let me tell you. At that time ........ I was taking life one day at a time. I never dreamed that I will have my paintings displayed in 2 exhibitions, that I will sell a few, paint on commission, have a happy customer and get ready for another exhibition that is due to open its doors to the public at the end of this week. But it all happened and boy oh boy .......WHAT A FEELING!

What I want to share with you is that it is worthwhile taking risks, it is worthwhile listening to your inner voice.

Anyway my darlings, Chalk gallery in Lewes and ArtFlow artists are ready to welcome you in their creative world starting on December1st and lasting until December 31st in The Coach House Gallery. From paintings to sculpture, from ceramics to unique pieces of jewellery, get ready to be inspired.

The Coach House Gallery has the potential to become a strong and influential player on the arts market in East Sussex.

Let's wish them best of luck and celebrate the grand opening this Saturday when Alfriston celebrates the traditional "Dickensian Night".


Books for commuters and not only!

2009 - feb 2010 046Yes, winter is almost here! And apparently snow is on it's way ! It's dark when you wake up and stumble sleepily for a super early breakfast, it's sort of dark when you get to your boring  office and enter another un-natural environment, it's dark when you rush to the train and make the trip back home. I know how it is. I've been there. OK - but not all is dark !

From the healthy or maybe indulgent (if you feel you need a bit of pampering) breakfast, to the type of coffee you get at the station, from the place you sit on the train, to the type of train entertainment- we all make choices.

 So, which  books do you read while on the train? If you are ready to experiment with two exceptional writers (I know, I know but they really are - in my opinion of course) - let me introduce you to  Rhys Bowen and Elizabeth Peters.


I discovered both of them by accident, in an Oxfam charity shop! I love these shops .... one can try many authors and pay a fraction of the Waterstone's price. Both are American based authors choosing to cover various  British subjects.

Let's start with Elizabeth Peters's "Amelia Peabody" series. If you are passionate about Ancient Egypt (just as I am), Victorian times, mummies and excavations,  if you like mystery books with a funny twist, if you are prepared to fall in love with the female version of Indiana Jones and follow her adventures in 18 novels start ordering her novels now. This is the recipe for many many hours of pleasure, giggles and amazement.

Now, let me introduce you to Rhys Bowen and her Royal Spyness series. Passionate about life in the 1930's England? Would you like to get to know Lady Georgiana, the thirty-fourth in line to the throne and her friends: the glamorous Belinda Warburton-Stoke and the mysterious and reliable Darcy? Although Lady Georgiana is related to the Queen, and her half brother lives in a castle in Scotland, she is all on her own in London, living in a big house with no money and no servants ...... and yet having tea from time with the Queen.

Her-royal-spynessOf course she is always a step away from another crime and of course she is the one who finds the real criminals with ....... a little help from her devoted friends. Humour is the main ingredient and so get ready to be entertained and start ordering her books now. There are (until now) 5 novels in the series.

Happy commuting! Happy reading!


PS I'm sure Hollywood is already chasing both authors for the movie rights!

Studio Funk and memories of Romania

IMG_1619What do you do when you are "feeling blue"? Do you have a list of things you can do, people you can call, activities you are ready to dive into, uplifting music to play, funny movies to watch .......... What helps you?

Maybe ........ buying something new. For example Nora, the  heroine of  "The Accident"- a book I love -  written by Mihail Sebastian, a talented Romanian writer, buys something new when melancholia strikes  .......She buys beautiful scarves.  (I have to admit that I also love scarves )  Other people go on holidays ....on a sunny beach, sip margaritas all day long, or go on a cruise, dance with the captain, come back and start saving money for the next melancholia cure...... other people change their,  I change my hairstyle! It's easier and I can do it quite often.

 Now, choosing a hairdressing salon is quite a tricky and tiring business. I know that! I've tried quite a few places in the last five years in Eastbourne.  

But, wow....... the salon that I've been going to  in the last year is Studio Funk.....   

Why?.......Because "Studio Funk" is  an indulging salon  (on Grove Road). Why?......Because "Studio Funk" is a place  where creativity meets good taste and great humor.  

I don't know about you dear reader but going to a hair dressing saloon is much more than just  the hair. It's about the gossip, the laughter, the music, the coffee ....... 

And of's about the hairstyle ... if it makes you look 10 years younger this is a bonus! Anyway, I felt on top of the world when  my  two Turkish Van cats gave me their seal of approval when I returned home  ..........rushing happily to meet me at the door. (and it was not their meal time)

Studio Funk was definitely a good choice!


Painting with somebody

006"Painting with others stimulates my unconscious. Seeing  the struggles of others, as well as the images they paint, helps me confront my own struggles and find resolution." says George Herrick-Losua a visionary painter.

I'm not sure I would use the word struggle but I can connect with the whole spirit of the quote. Yesterday I painted with my favourite artist in Eastbourne. It was such a privilege!

I don't know about you but I love to paint in a group rather than just on my own. When you paint in a group or just with one other person magic happens. It is as if one taps into a creativity "magical pot". I cherish the laughter, the stories, the endless cups of tea and cakes (I know I know ............ but I also go to the gym!), the encouragements, the deep, precious, authentic connections that one creates. And of course the tips that the artists are so generous to share with each other.

If you feel that you are stuck in your creative process ..... be it writing or painting or jewellery making or whatever craft you are involved in .......... do join some groups, or invite one of your friends and create your "Magical creative bubble". Make these moments special ........... in whatever way you like ...... have a lovely CD in the background, special treats, chat about your favourite artist ....... and let the creative vibes inspire and charm you.

Finding yourself

IMG_1474"The deepest secret is that life is not a process of discovery - it is a process of creation. You are not discovering yourself. You are creating yourself. Seek, therefore, not to find out who you are, seek to determine who you want to be" Neale Donald Walsch.

Hmmmm sometimes it is easier to say who you don't want to be ? Of course this depends on the society that you've been born into or the family who raised you, or the environment you find around you.

So, how was your journey? What messages have you heard while growing up ........ you can be, you can have, you can do everything that you want! Yes, you can do it!


You've been taught to conform with the way things were done around you, to conform with other people's expectations of you. You might even have been discouraged trying to be, or have what you wanted ............ because only special people get there and you are not one of them.

Thinking is a process. Processes determine patterns, patterns dictate the way we live our lives. But patterns can change. Processes can be shifted. Thinking can shift and your life can be transformed!

The first step is asking yourself ........what is it that you want? This can be the hardest question to answer because just a ........... big house, rich husband, big car and expensive holidays is not enough.

How about combining the question with a few more

                                                            ...what is your life purpose?

                                                            ....why are you here on planet Earth?

                                                                .....what makes you jump out of the bed every morning and smile?  

So, where do you start? Who do you want to be?

Blue sky thinking


Do you dream? What are your dreams? Just for a few minutes, visualize your life as a limitless blue sky, stretching ahead of you. If you are a painter, notice the colours, the light, the everchanging shapes that come to your mind and make a  mental note. If you are a writer, what words come to your mind. Make a mental note. Or a musician ........ what tunes come to your mind ........

Many times, our dreams, hopes, visions become rigid, static, harsh, inviting dark clouds in, making the future seem ominous. It is as if suddenly everythings has only one colour, there is only one note going round and round the turntable or one word coming over and over on the blank piece of paper.

Expectations ............ can be our barriers to success, our barriers to growth, our mountain of change and flexibility to climb ...... can make us blind and deaf to other opportunities around us.

What dream have you been chasing on and on and yet it does not seem to come true? I just wonder what is it that you need to let go of? What is it that will allow the wide horizon to open up and you to be happy, successful?