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Inspiring people and Vietnam

IMG_1913I don't know about you but my heart jumps up and down with enthusiasm when I meet inspiring people. It just does and you know what? It motivates me to try harder, push through more boundaries, say with more conviction "Yes you can" do whatever you want. Are you still "on the fence" complaining bitterly about how life is?

Let me introduce you to Hannah, the owner of "Divine nails" in Eastbourne. I came across the shop yesterday, by accident (or better said serendipity) when I was just wondering around the town, taking a street less travelled in an attempt to get to know my town better.

So, I noticed the shop, went inside and decided to treat myself with a gel acrylic manicure. Hurray! Ladies, there is nothing better than a bit of TLC! And pampered I was, for 90 minutes, getting to know Hannah, a delicate and talented Vietnamese artist. Yes, I do think that what she does is art.

Her story is classic .........comes to England to learn the language with plans to go back to her country to embrace a career in translation- then she falls in love with a fine Englishman and her destiny changes for good.

As an  immigrant myself I know well the thinking process that goes to ones mind when one gets married, settles ............ the next question is .... and now what? What can I possibly do in this country to earn money? The first thing that one thinks is .........OK ... do what I used to do in my country does not take long to realise that it's a no, no at least at the beginning, next comes the big word RE-INVENTION. Yes, one needs to reinvent oneself ......... again and again until one finds a place in the society.

And this is exactly what Hannah did, retrained and a year after graduation had the courage to start her own business. 5 years down the line she has a small but successful business, thinks about employing a new person and starting a family. This is a success story!

For the lucky ones who live in Eastbourne or the neighborhood you can find her shop in 3, Mark Lane. You will become a regular customer there and then.


And of course we've talked about traditional food and I was reminded of the cookery book I asked Santa to bring me in 2011 and I'm still waiting for. It is such a lovely book ......a combination of travel, cookery and photography.

I feel in the mood for one of my favourite movies now ...... INDOCHINE!







PS Talking about inspiring people. Do check on the link below. If you are interested in connecting with your spirit guides, then join Lisa Dieken for a 5 weeks course starting on January 16th.



Thank you, Corina! xoxox


With pleasure lovely Lisa! :O)

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