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A New Year and the your vision board

A New Year ...as I'm watching another amazing episode of "The adventures of Sherlock Holmes" with Jeremy Brett as Sherlock, I feel the need to speak about new year's resolutions, new year's adventures.

I cannot but  smile a bit  now when I remember that in Romania, in my family,  new year's resolutions were a no no. Planning trivial activities for the next day or the weekend were out of the question as well. Why? Because of a belief! A limiting belief that said that if one plans for something to happen ... it will never do! A superstition I would say! When I look back I can see that this belief robbed the member so my family of quite a lot of potential joy and satisfaction  .... it robbed them of LIFE. 

Photo-1On the other hand, the Western world is all about new year's resolutions. Judging by how much you hear about this on radio and TV you would say that it is a whole nation full of determined and ambitious people, all working hard towards towards their goals :)

Knowing what I know I believe that  dreaming big, aiming high is a fantastic motivator! 





So my darlings now as you are preparing yet another vision board, be it through words, images or both do a bit more than just setting your list of goals. Start first by preparing a success board with all of your achievements of 2012. There's nothing more powerful than your self confidence and the success board is a great stepping stone, a great way of setting yourself in a great frame of mind. 


Music is always a great companion when it comes to creative activities including goal setting so play something that you really like. Be adventurous........why not  try Vivaldi's "The four seasons" or Bach "Air in D".  


Or, get your own music going, grab a cup of tea and start dreaming about all of the exciting things you are going to do this year! And remember to think about a few in between mini goals leading you where you want. Small steps, small successes keep you going!  


Robyn Daniels

Love both those pieces of music Corina so thanks for sharing and reminding me to listen to music more as I work. It is sad if people have others in their lives who try to limit their possibilities by telling them they cannot do stuff - quite the opposite is in fact true for most of us. Sadly many New Year's resolutions fall by the wayside within 2 weeks in UK according to recent article I read and am sure this is true - and good intentions never achieved anything. You have to really want to do something to achieve anything. If live is too comfortable or alternately too uncomfortable many people just 'freeze frame' and do nothing - so sad and a loss to humanity generally. We could all achieve so much more. I'm ocncentrating on getting fully well/recovered after recent travel and headcold and then ... to the writing (next Tuesday onwards). Strange how some people feel the need to plan and others just take life as it comes. Each has its own merits. Happy New Year - I know you will go on to even better things in 2013 xx


I love how your vision board looks: so colorful, uplifting! I've never done one before -- but now I'm thinking about it...

And I like the idea of reviewing successes - first, or even instead, as I've just read in a small article about New Year's resolutions. Since it could add to the discussion about these resolutions, here's the link:


Ah, and now I've just remembered another interesting read on the subject. It maintains that such resolutions fail when there is a conflict between our commitments and our beliefs/ conditioning...



My dear Robyn, I know exactly what you are saying and it is no surprise at all is it? :) Big dreams, big goals .... but very few people are aware of the effort that it takes to achieve anything, many lack stamina, many lack the habit of perseverance, many would just love to have a magic wand to achieve things overnight. One of the best things I've learned is to apply the rules from the business world into private life, private goals .... and milestones are key in delivering projects. Really happy that you've enjoyed the music. It is strange how from time to time i feel the need to come back to symphonic music! it has a magical touch! Many hugs! Corina


My lovely dana .. i wonder if you've started to do your vision board .....with images, colours ..... i wonder if you've started to celebrate first last year's achievements, happy moments ....

Thanks a lot for the links my darling. I found them so so interesting!

Many hugs!


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