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Alexandra Nechita, Picasso and the importance of attitude


When sunflowers bloom again by Alexandra Nechita

Very little is known about the Communist Romania in the Western world, other than the street children, poverty, orphanages ... and not much else ... usually bad news, drama is what sells newspapers. Not much is known about what people thought in those times, the way people survived emotionally, physically, spiritually. There is plenty to understand, plenty to write about.... 

 Today, I would like to talk a bit about a well known painter of Romanian origin, Alexandra Nechita. When she was only 9 years old she was already called "Little Picasso". Art critics were intrigued by her style of painting, debating whether this was just a moment in time..... and being curious about how this talented girl would change in the next 10, 20 .....years.







She is now in her 20's and let me tell you ... she went from strength to strength. 

What impressed me most of all in her life is the way Alexandra was raised ...... but let's take a few steps back in time now .... the Romania of 1980's, where two young people (Alexandra's parents) dared to dream about a life of choices, dared to yearn for a better life, a life offering them the opportunity to discover who they were. For a Westerner such words are quite normal and people move to the next subject. As a Romanian, I can tell you this was very far from normality .... this meant that those people had a dream in a society where life was lived under quite predictable parameters with no major surprises (you are born, went to school, studied, took exams, went to college, took exams,  studied even more, went to university, took even more exams, had a boring, predictable 9 to 5 job, queued for food, and so on ... )

Instead, Alexandra's parents fought for their dream and achieved it. (you will hear all about it in the youtube movies below - quite inspiring let me tell you) 



In Communist Romania, my parents' generation's wings were clipped, the system crushed them and created obedient, fearful individuals, ready to carry on the Governmental program of creating a new generation of brainwashed, fearful individuals. So what did they do?  Crushed  their own children's personalities, demanding them to conform to rules, preparing them for a soulless and "proper" living under the rule of "A bended head will never be cut", a life of subservience. 


In life, everything starts with one's own attitude to the challenges that one faces  ........ it starts with a belief that through hard work, perseverence, determination one can achieve ones dreams. For me, these values seem fundamental to Alexandra's success. Yes, she is incredibly talented but without having a nurturing, supportive, positive family behind her, ready to stand up in support of  her desire for self expression through art, things would have been very different. 

 So, the lesson of Alexandra's life is to remember how important it is to teach your children to believe in themselves, how important it is to nurture their creativity. Why? Because creativity means letting go of rules, setting aside the past, giving hope and happiness a chance, means making friends with compassion, empathy and passion. 


To learn more about Alexandra and admire her increbible paintings go to . 

Be inspired my darlings! 





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