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A few days ago I browsed through my "Resurgence" magazines and came across a lovely poem by Satish Kumar and felt the need to share it in this blog alongside two of my paintings. So here it is and I really hope that you will enjoy them! 







"Whole body Prayer"

 May our legs be strong and steady

May our feet tread softly on the earth

May our stomach be small and soft

May our belly be full of fire

May our heart be large and loving

May our soul be simple and serene

May our mind be calm and clear

May our spirit be free of fear

May our mouth mind sweet words and kind kisses

May our eyes see beauty below, beauty above and beauty all around

May our ears hear words of praise and music of the cosmos

May our hands be generous in giving and grateful in receiving

May our arms find joy in embracing

May our body be a temple of love! 



Robyn Daniels

Can't turn the 'Seedbed' ad music off Corina and I find it really intrusive and distracting Gr-r-r!


Sorry about that my lovely Robyn! Forgot to remove it! The course is anyway already ... on its way! :) Many hugs!

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