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About the power of water and your body

A few years ago I came across Doctor Masaru Emoto's book called "Messages from Water". I have to admit I was really attracted by his amazing theory that human consciousness has an effect on the molecular structure of water.

While reading his book I remembered a few things that really made me accept and embrace his theory ...

1. My grandmother was a very simple woman, living in a tiny village, working the land just like her ancestors did for generations. One of the things that she used to say when people were praising her cooking was that food is not the main thing-  but the way your mind is while cooking, your thoughts are the main ingredient. As she said ... when you cook with love your food will taste delicious and will be nutritious.

2. In the Christian Orthodox tradition, there are various days when water is blessed by the priests in big wooden barrels and people queue for hours and hours to get some and bring home. It is then used to drink a little bit in the morning, it is given to the people who are ill, it is given to the children ...... it is one of those habits that one accepts without much questioning, a sort of superstition.

What Dr Emoto did for me was to actually attach a scientific explanation to something that religion was asking us to believe blindly.

I encourage you to read at least one of his books and see for yourself. The photos are incredible. "Seeing" the impact that the words have on the drops of water is incredibly shocking. The truth is .... what do we have to loose if we start speaking kindly to the water we drink, the water we come in contact with (be it in the sea or the one we use to bathe or cook with)?

One last thing .... . in positive psychology one is very much advised to create our own positive mantra and to repeat it during the day, write it in front of us, be gentle with ourselves, think positive thoughts.

.......given that up to 60% of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70% water, our blood is about 83% water ... and knowing what Dr Masaru discovered ......isn't it worth it surrounding ourselves, the people around us, nature with kind and loving words?

About the power of water and your body

About the power of water and your body


Robyn Daniels

Fascinating - am open to new ideas (even if they are ancient ones) and will definitely look out for this book to read Corina x I found some of his books on Kindle and have downloaded some samples to see if want to buy xx


I'm sure you will really enjoy the books and embrace the theory my dear Robyn! It looks like you are really using your Kindle :) Many hugs!

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