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Russia, books and paintings

About strength and sisterhood!

Books, music, nature, life ... millions of sources of inspiration. I never know which one will be the trigger to my new painting and this is always exciting for me. Yesterday, late at night, I planned(!!!!!!!) to experiment a bit with mono printing, trying new techniques. A part of me was so attracted by my new tube of green acrylic paint and wanted to "let rip", just to move paint all around the page...but another part just wanted to study a bit more, to learn.

For once I decided to use a beautiful 300g watercolour paper, an absolute dream of a paper, a gift from another dear, dear artist friend, a paper that I was keeping for very special projects.

I do not know why ... things were really not going well with my mono printing ... was it because I was intimidated by the beautiful paper? Was it because I was just not listening to myself and what my intuition was gently inviting me to do? Who knows! An hour into the whole process, with my beautiful paper sort of ruined (I will paint of top of it I'm sure as I do not like to throw away anything)  ..... so I took a break and opened The Tao of Women, randomly .....and I started to read the words below ...


Strength and joy!

"A wise woman is happy to be a model - but she will not to try to control others. She is direct but with humility. She shines brightly, but does not blind others."

These words, were the trigger for a few hours of joy and passion among my paints and brushes. These words reminded me of the sisterhood of the creative souls that I'm in touch with thanks to inspiring on line courses, it reminded me of the strength of the collective human spirit , the inspiration, the support.

So my darlings, listen to you intuition, use poems, movies, music, nature, connect with other people who share you passion and they will all be amazing sources of inspiration and support. They will open wide the doors to your creative soul. 


The wise soul knows when to let go!



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