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Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe that some things are meant to happen? I do! Today was a lovely example. It makes me smile, really it does! 




A last minute change of plans today meant that I had some free hours and ... "my" Jasper Wood coffee shop came to my mind. The truth is that I wanted to show Christine and Chris, the lovely owners, some of my funky bird paintings ....so why not today? 




My birds then became the catalyst for a lovely conversation with one of the coffee shop's loyal customers ... I listened to a beautiful Buddhist story about inner strength, about values and beliefs and had a conversation that I will remember for a long time. 

What I've noticed during the two years that Jasper Wood has opened its doors to Eastbourne is  that it has attracted very interesting people, like minded, well travelled, passionate about books, spirituality, ready to interact with each other and ready to share their experiences and passions.

So, today turned out to be the day to  bring everything together and  ... jointly with Christine, Chris and Jim we have agreed to create a new and exciting conversational event called " Salon du Cafe". What is "Salon du Cafe"? It's a series  of gatherings which aim to stimulate conversation around ......a cup of coffee and a cake. When? Every Wednesday morning from 10.00 - 11.30 am. Where? At Jasper Wood coffee shop in Eastbourne of course. 



Each event will have a topic to debate, to tell stories about, to share memorable experiences and so on ... we are sure that the Salon will evolve and transform but this is our starting point.Here are the conversational themes for our first three Wednesdays : 

* May 22nd - The lost art of conversation

* May 29th - All that is inspirational to yourself

* June 5th - Objects and stories 

Do connect with Jasper Wood on Facebook as well .. and get to know some lovely people, some interesting customers. 


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