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Intuitive painting workshop on June 22nd in Brighton


Intuitive painting crossed my path a few good years ago when i was getting ready to take a leap of faith, leave a brainwashing, soul destroying  job in London (i'll write more about this in a few days) and become an entrepreneur. 


So what is this intuitive painting all about you might ask me ... it's facing your canvas, board, paper with no expectations at all as to what / how would your painting look like at the end of your painting journey. 


It's painting without getting attached to the outcome, it's allowing your brushes to do the work for you, your fingers (because we will paint with our fingers as well) and a number of other mark making tools to dance in front of you ... their own dance. It helps you paint from the heart and soul and not from the logical brain who says ... a house is a house, a flower is a flower and a dog is a dog. You will give yourself permission to paint their imprint, their aura, their soul and spirit onto the page. 


We are going to use scrapbooking paper, chalk pastels, oil pastels, acrylic paints and  much more. It's play time my darlings! 

The  first 30 minutes i will share with you my story ... the story of art and how it found me ... out of the blue, how it helped me heal, recover, get in touch with my intuition and regain my joy of life!. 

You do not need to bring any materials. Everything will be provided. 

For more information please do email or call me at 07866543782.

So, here are the details in a nutshell: 

Intuitive painting workshop

June 22tnd, 12.30 - 4.00pm

Location: At the Coach House, Brighton .. click here to get directions 

22 Walpole Road,

Investment : £ 25/person 

Tea, coffee, biscuits provided

Please book your place by calling me/emailing me. 

I look forward to meeting you! 


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