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The power of intention


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Growing up in a Communist country with very limited career opportunities one was not encouraged to dream. Dream about what? With no inclination to become a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher or an economist (one had to learn lots of useless and boring political subjects and this was not palatable at all for many)  ... the option was to become an engineer. Nothing poetic, creative or exciting. Nothing but ... hard work ... for a potentially cushioned position in one of many Communist factories which were still plenty at the beginning of 1990's. 


But some people in my country dared to BELIEVE that change was possible, that freedom and democracy was everybody's right. And this ... changed my life and the life of many other Romanians

The truth is that intention is the stepping stone used to create everything around us. I wonder how many times do you dare to dream, do you dare to let your mind WORK FOR YOU and not AGAINST YOU? How many times do you sit in front of a piece of paper with a bunch of juicy pens ... writing, drawing, painting everything that you WANT to BE, DO, HAVE in this life?

Have you ever tried to do this? Have you ever tried to be specific? What has happened? Many people say ... I want to be HAPPY for example. And they stop there. OK ... but what if you go into a bit more detail and describe what happy actually means to you, how would you recognize that ... you are happy now! Why? Because your notion of happy is different from the one of your friends, family and so on.

And ... if you are not specific .. you will never take the time to create a clear action plan and you might never even start your journey towards achieving your goal.

Just like with tulips for example. Let's suppose you really, really like exotic tulips like the ones in the photo above. Let's suppose you are a collector and would love to obtain new varieties of this .. parrot tulips. If you post an announcement in your favourite magazine asking for tulips .. the probability to get the ones you want are pretty slim. If you go into details and explain exactly what you want, the colour, shape and the story of them ... that's another thing all-together .... your chances of obtaining what you want are quite high. 

All it takes is to be clear as to what do you want, to believe that .. you deserve to achieve your goal, that you are enough, that you can always ask for help and that it's about time to start with one baby step ... and another one ... and another one. 

So, BELIEVE that what you want to BE, DO, HAVE is possible and start your list now. 


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