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What is right for you?

Time and time again I meet people who go through life doing a lot of what they think they should do in spite of the negative impact it has on their lives. I came across such a thing in Romania while I was studying but not at all for the next 16 years of my career. I wonder why is that? I do not remember wanting to do things and not carrying it through. I do not remember postponing  ... because my darlings ... life does not wait! It really doesn't. 

It always makes me sad to hear clients feeling utterly depressed and saying ... oh if only i were younger, if only i had .. this, that and the other, if only ... i could change my life. But they talk about it already from a defeated position. Somehow it is as if they gave up before starting. Why? Because of layers and layers of limiting beliefs, layers and layers of stories they told themselves, because of a lack of trying to understand who they really are, what they really want to BE, DO, HAVE...... 

And I'm not talking about big things really ... let's go to something that we all struggle with ... what do we do to relax? Honestly .. what do you do? 

Many people succumb on the coach, in front of the TV, flipping aimlessly from one channel to another .. evening after evening, month after month, year after year. You meet them in coffee shops at the weekend, or queuing to buy some flowers on Saturday afternoon, or pushing big shopping trolleys on Friday evening in supermarkets and hypermarkets. They have a holiday or two per year and dream about retirement when ... they will start to do something wonderful....... start to really live and relax. But this is when many are faced with a big dilemma  ..... they do not know how to really live and relax because this is just like a muscle ... if you don't practice it .. it will not appear out of the blue. 

But what if you ask yourself now ... what is right for me? What is right for my soul now? What works in my life? What needs to change? And i wonder how would you life be if you would start asking yourself more often this question .............. Is this (put your own word here) right for me? Does it serve me right? Does it nurture my soul, body and mind? What else do i need? How can I get it now? What are the steps? Life is a journey not a destination my darlings and enjoying the journey is key! 


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