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Paint 5 exhibits at the Hop Gallery in Lewes


"Visualize your dreams"  .... I read those words a few years ago  .... visualize, dreams ... words that did not make too much sense to me at that time. Our upbringing, the society we grow up in, the family environment puts such an imprint on the way we think, feel, assess reality. 


I'm sure that years ago when the members of "Paint 5" painting group started to paint for the first time ... exhibiting at the Hop Gallery in Lewes was ... a dream ... something to be desired. Today I've had the joy of visiting the exhibition that started on June 22nd and it really made me feel good especially because I had the joy of meeting 2 of the artists ....Kate Penoyre and Sheila Marlborough. As an artist in a small community one comes across names of other artists, sees their work in various exhibitions but it might take years to meet them in person. This is why I really like exhibitions where the artists are required to steward  .... the whole experience of visiting an exhibition changes, it's richer, more memorable and sometimes ... it translates into friendships. 

I know that ... because it happened to me. 

One last thing ... given our strange summer, where rain is the name of the game, one needs uplifting colours as much as possible ... this exhibition definitely gives you, the viewer, the gift of colours and atmosphere. 

The exhibiting artists are  ... Angela Perrin, Lesley Robertshaw, Kate Penoyre, Sheila Marlborough, Sue Barnes. 

Anyway my darlings ... the exhibition ends on July 4th so there is still time ..... :) While in Lewes don't forget to visit Buttercup Cafe. It is a delightful, quirky place with divine cakes, delicious, creative lunches cooked almost in front of you. And ... the place is full of ... colour :) 



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