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How to clear your negative emotions with a brush and paint


If you are human you are definitely prone to mood changes .....  highs and lows ... it's the way life works. How you deal with such moments is very much connected to what you saw in your family, how they dealt with challenging situations, with stress. Of course you add your personal touch  :) but ... a lot it is  learned behaviour.

When we hit rock bottom and our old "how to deal with stress" techniques don't seem to work anymore,  we start to look for alternative  ...........ways to cope when life gets tough. 

I'm sure you : 

- meditate

- talk to a friend

- write in a journal

- go for a drink and maybe more

- go shopping

- run

- cry 

- shout  ..... 

What I'm proposing today is ... to "wash away the blues" with a brush and a few paints. 

So, let's suppose you've had a hard day, a day with things really seem dark and gloomy. Pick up a glass of red wine ... or maybe white ... or maybe a cup of tea ... or two, a piece of paper (it can be white or it can be one of those old paintings you are fed up with), a tube of black paint and maybe dark blue as well, a few juicy pens ... and .... that's about it ..... you can start .... the process of washing away your dark feelings ...  


 Step one - take an old painting you don't need anymore (see my image above) or a piece of paper .. size is not important but not smaller than an A4 size

Step 2 - take a juicy pen and start writing down your emotions, the ones you want to let go off and just scribble ... in big, big letter, turning the page upside down many times. 

Step 3 - time to use your brush and the black paint .. and cover the whole page with black ... 


Step 4 - fold the paper (see images above) and paint the white side and fold again ... and paint the white side again ... keep folding and painting until you end up with a tiny piece of folded paper  .......... all black and dark and small now ... now ... you have a few options : 


1. burn it 

2. chuck it away in the bin

3. wrap the paper around a stone and throw it away in a river, sea .... 

Try this and ... let me know how you will feel! 



About happiness, friendship, paella, green card


Summer days ..... how long has it been since I have given myself permission to just be, to enjoy the moment with friends, a glass of mojito, dream about the future with love and kindness? Way too long! 

Today reminded me of scenes from Russian movies .... based on their classic writers ... Turgenev, Tolstoy ... lunches on the verandas, starting at 11.00 and finishing at 7.00 in the evening. 


Mojito - Kelly's signature drink!


Somehow I think that in nowadays society we  need to re learn how to just be ... without pressure, without expectations, without any pretences, without guilt that something else should be happening.  

So simple and yet so difficult ... and the truth is that .... it depends so much on  our conditioning! But we can change ... thoughts can change, behaviour follows, with small steps, we can learn to live again the way we want, the way we feel is right ... for us ....

It is very similar to the decision to escape from the "rat race" that is so much accepted as the real normality nowadays.  If we can just see with deep compassion all that is within us, we will increase our chances of moving away from unhelpful conditioning that keep us in the circle of just existing ..... and closer to the one of living fully. 

Do a simple exercise .... try to remember when you just ....lived fully! Do you remember? Don't take for granted such moments! Treasure them and keep recording them and living them. 

Having a paella with lovely friends is for me a moment when I just felt that I .... lived fully ... having a passionate conversation around the table .. a Romanian, a Russian, a Spaniard and 2 Brits with mixed descendancy... what a priviledge. There you are .........true multiculturalism, engaging around the table ... 


Martin's delicious paella!
Martin's delicious paella!


Later, watching "Green card" ... an absolutely charming movie ... smooth like an irish coffee, gentle like a walk among the lavender fields .... a perfect movie for a Sunday afternoon .... and even better on a rainy Friday evening.

Living fully .................  


Intuitive painting workshop on September 1st - postponed


The magic of intuitive art


 Would you like to spend a wonderful relaxed day in the countryside a few minutes away from the beautiful Bodiam Weald in East Sussex?

Would you like to nurture your soul, experience painting for pleasure and not for result?

Would you like to awaken your creativity?

 Join us on September 1st, 2013 from 11.00 - 3.00

 Cost per person - £30.

All materials are provided. Be excited to paint ...BIG!

Light organic lunch is included in the price. The lunch is suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

10% of the investment will be donated to a charity of my choice.

 Come and explore intuitive art with Corina!

 All details will be sent via post once booked. Only small groups taken so book now!

 For more details call Corina at 07866543782 or email

Here are a few testimonials for previous workshop participants: 

"Corina, is an amazing intuitive art tutor and coach. She has been a true inspiration, helping me unblock at my very deepest level. I have read many books, taken many classes, however, Corina's understanding of the human condition and her ability to inspire you to paint free from you deepest fears is truly unparalleled. I cannot thank her enough.

If you really want to be free to paint intuitively and break your fears once and for all, whilst being inspired to live a life of self actualisation and artistic joy, Corina is the tutor for you. I cannot recommend her highly enough!" - Phyllis P 

"Leave all self-expectations behind and be prepared to be amazed at what you discover about yourself at Corina's Healing Art workshops" - Chantal 



About childhood, fear and intuitive painting


“The sad, strange, unfortunate, dysfunctional part of life is that, as adults, most of us are still trying to survive childhood.” - Cheri Huber 

 I quite liked this quote that I found earlier today in “Be the person you want to find” by Cheri Huber. 

 Is this a self help book? Yes and no.  Cheri Huber teaches at “A Center for the practice of Zen Buddhist Meditation in Mountain View, California and wrote quite a few books covering various topics connected to self discovery, relationships, meditation, happiness and much more. 

Her teachings are very much tailored to helping us all see through our own issues and be free of our conditioned responses to life. Once we become aware of our conditioning, positive changes can happen, thoughts can be transformed, inner talks changed and we can start the process of freeing ourselves from the things we’ve learned as kids and just let them go. 

 Intuitive painting is very much a mirror of what you’ve been taught to believe in your early life. Approaching the white piece of paper can be as daunting as going to an interview, as committing to a relationship, as having a child, as facing a new challenge ... the common thread is .. fear ... apprehension ... anxiety.

 Art is a great teacher really. It is a way of becoming aware of our own emotions, our own beliefs, our own barriers ... When one becomes aware ... things can change ... and action replaces .. the state of panic ... after all it is all about ... feeling the fear and doing it anyway. 



"African dream", photos, poems, memories

Years ago my English teacher Jane introduced me to Rudyard Kipling's famous poem "IF" ....... 

"If you can keep your head when all about you

are losing theirs and blaming it on you. 

If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you ...... here to read the whole poem

I remember copying it by hand and sticking the piece of paper on the back of my bedroom door. It was late '80s in Romania and the poem spoke to me on so many levels. 

Little did I know that years later I will live not far from Rottingdean, a place where Kipling wrote a number of his famous books .... but, meandering as we did yesterday, through "Kipling's Gardens", this is another story for another time. 

African dream poster

I want to speak today about "African Dream" a photographic exhibition being hosted by the Grange Gallery in Rottingdean, East Sussex. I just couldn't have asked for a better exhibion to attend as a way of being introduced to the village and to the Library/art gallery/coffee shop. 


An exceptional collection of African sculptures in the Grange Gallery's garden

 The exhibition is a joint effort of Bob Webzell and Wayne Visser .....two people passionate about Africa and who are ready to share their view, hope, gratitude  with the world through photos and words. 

When I read Wayne Visser's words: 

"I am an African 

Not because I was born there

But because my heart beats with Africa's ......."

tears came to my eyes because I had vivid flash backs of my own memories of Africa and its brave people, neverending generosity, joy of life, stunning scenery, raw and pure's words and the images of life taken by Bob surrounding me in the exhibition helped me reconnect with the Africa of my own soul. 


Wayne Visser and Bob Webzell


You can read more of Wayne Visser's  poems written from the heart here  and also buy the inspiring book based on this exhibition here 

When one has the priviledge of talking to the artist himself, everything becomes brighter, stories start pouring, the dance of shared passions is a music that one cannot but join in and celebrate .... and this is what happened, it really did.... we visited the exhibition for 5 minutes, just to have a quick look at the premises (because I will exhibit my paintings there with Art flow in October)  ...... two hours later ... we were still there !  Read more about Bob and his passion for Africa in words and stunning photographs  here 


What do yo know about me?


I couldn't leave without one framed photo of Bob's in particular .... I call it "What do you know about me?" and it moved me beyond words ... it still does. Every time I now look at it I see another story, and another one, painful ones and yet oozing strength, determintation, resilience. This is .... Africa! 

 One last thing .... all proceeds of their exhibition go to supporting an inspiring project in a tiny village in Tanzania. I'm planning a special feature on their special school project in the Monduli mountain area, close to Kilimanjaro and the Serengeti, a project with the sustainability of a great tribe, the Maasai, in mind but until then, please have a look at their website here