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I know it is already mid January but i still feel the need to remind myself that this is a new year ... it is a new beginning ... so ... a bit late but ... Happy New Year to all of you and may this year bring more compassion, abundance, self love into our lives.

And actually this is exactly what I would like to write about now ... about self love. I don't know about you but when I am very busy I sort of ... forget about myself.  I've been programmed :) like many of us to sacrifice things that might benefit my wellbeing  for ... more hours dedicated to work. And funnily enough it is not even hard to do this .. it comes naturally. 


Obviously .. at the deep level the conditioning of ... work equal "good girl" runs very deep in my psychic and a bit of enjoyment just for the sake of enjoyment is not something that makes me feel comfortable. And I know I'm not unique. Not at all. 

The beginning of this year reminded me .. in a painful way I have to say,  that ... health is key ... and self sacrifice for financial gain is a double sided knife. 

So here I am writing about my experience and reminding myself that ... self love is so important ... and I am convinced that it can be learned .. one step at a time. 

As a reminder ... i have created a self love collage  ... it will hang nicely on my fridge and hopefully remind me that ..... lack of self love equals pain ... it really does! 




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