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January 2014

From intuitive painting to Fearless Sisters

"Trust is the basis of any nurturing and evolutionary relationship" - Deepak Chopra

A couple of years ago when I was on  the brink of taking the leap, making the transition from being an employee in London to becoming self employed, I came across on line art courses. It was a new concept for me and I wish I knew now what had made me search for such courses.


.........probably the unhappiness of my work environmnent where brain washing, bullying, lying and manipulation seemed to take place most days.
I am a firm believer that there are no such things as pure coincidences. So I do believe that I had to go through those traumatic moments, to reach the lowest emotional wellbeing levels order to find the first intuitive painting e-course, one taught by an inspiring artist Connie Hozvicka. Little did I guess then that two and a bit years later I would still be in touch with the amazing souls that witnessed my first shaky steps in the world of intuitive art......and little did I know that together with 39 amazing souls I was going to create and share with the world a project we call "The awakening to your divine self" oracle cards. 

But, first things first ... "Calling for like minded people" is one of my first paintings created intuitively, late at night, in the last weeks before I took the leap to "freedom". After years of surviving in a dry environment, where "grey" was the norm,  there is perhaps no surprise that I was searching for a tribe where I felt at home, where I felt that I belonged.

 It was a suprise to me to find so many kindred spirits among the women taking Connie's course "Painting BIG"; it was a surprise to me to notice the warmth, compassion and support that I felt, the nurturing bubble we were all in -  and that lovely state continued even after the course ended. Why? - one of the main reasons was and is , I really believe, the TRUST we had in each other. 

Two years later TRUST became the 40th member of our group. Two years later, the tribe, the sisterhood is as strong as it was on the first day. Everything started with intuitive painting, sharing our emotions, sharing our vulnerability, being open with each other, believing in kindness, compassion, believing in meaningful lives ..... ....... and remember, we've never seen each other, we live on different continents and yet ... we are always there for each other ......... 


                          Calling for like minded people 

Bring joy to your winter days and more

Only 2 years ago i've discovered Life Book, a creative on line course initiated by a talented Dutch artist Tam Laporte. It certainly brightened up my evenings, helped me challenge myself creatively, meet lots of artists/teachers, make friends all around the world, increase my confidence as an artist and so much, much more. 

The course starts every January 1st and I have to say it is so so so exciting waiting for the first morning of the year, the first lesson, the beginning of a new year full of art, friendship and splendid projects. 

Another reason why I really appreciate this course is that it gives one the chance to experiment with new techniques, learn about new materials ... it opens one's eyes to a whole new world really. For example, 2 years ago I was looking with my eyes wide open and a lot of "creative envy" :) to the ease with which some fellow artists were coming up with absolutely fascinating backgrounds. I've learned a lot, tried, tested so many things and nowadays I'm doing them with so much joy. Why? Mainly because I am not afraid of failing, I've finally understood that there is no right or wrong and that curiosity is the best teacher. 




Devotion and more


"If we parent ourselves only with negative, critical, fearful voices we become depressed or anxious powerless people."

"When we parent ourselves with wise, caring words we become immensely powerful. We can do anything and with this comes a feeling of inner peace." Diana Cooper - The power of inner peace

 In other words, if we feel/believe that we are not lovable people now, in this moment, exactly how we are, if we postpone even liking ourselves until we will .... loose more weight, find a better job, live in a better house, meet the prince/princess of our life and so on we walk around like empty vessels, vulnerable, in pain, constantly "hungry" ... although "food" surrounds us everywhere. 

I wonder how would our life be/change if we would start writing love letters to ourselves .... every day ........... we can start with short notes on a post-it and just place them with loving messages in our wallet, journal, stick them on the mirror in the bathroom, on the fridge, and then...... when we get a bit more courage write weekly a love letter to ourselves. Why not even mail it to ourselves. I wonder ... how would it be? 


We can include a collage as a love letter, dedicate to ourselves .......a painting (above is one of my painting ... called Fairy land ... love reminding myself that colours play a huge part in my life) , a drawing .... the title of a book .......... music that we love .............. 

Today, I want to remind myself that devotion is love ..... love is devotion .............. and how uplifting it  is to listen and watch Amma .........

"As long as there is enough strength in these hands to reach out to those who come to her, to place her hand on a crying person's shoulder, Amma will continue to give darshan. To lovingly caress people, to console and wipe their tears until the end of this mortal frame - this is Amma's wish" - Amma

Amma's teachings are universal. Whenever she is asked about her religion, she replies that her religion is LOVE. She does not ask anyone to believe in God or change their faith, but only to inquire to their own real nature, and to ...... believe in themselves. 


If only our faith leaders would hold the same views ... this world would be a much safer, compassionate, happy,  loving one. 

This is the story of her life   


Self love


I know it is already mid January but i still feel the need to remind myself that this is a new year ... it is a new beginning ... so ... a bit late but ... Happy New Year to all of you and may this year bring more compassion, abundance, self love into our lives.

And actually this is exactly what I would like to write about now ... about self love. I don't know about you but when I am very busy I sort of ... forget about myself.  I've been programmed :) like many of us to sacrifice things that might benefit my wellbeing  for ... more hours dedicated to work. And funnily enough it is not even hard to do this .. it comes naturally. 


Obviously .. at the deep level the conditioning of ... work equal "good girl" runs very deep in my psychic and a bit of enjoyment just for the sake of enjoyment is not something that makes me feel comfortable. And I know I'm not unique. Not at all. 

The beginning of this year reminded me .. in a painful way I have to say,  that ... health is key ... and self sacrifice for financial gain is a double sided knife. 

So here I am writing about my experience and reminding myself that ... self love is so important ... and I am convinced that it can be learned .. one step at a time. 

As a reminder ... i have created a self love collage  ... it will hang nicely on my fridge and hopefully remind me that ..... lack of self love equals pain ... it really does!