Your own revolution
Spring time and the exhibition at the Hop Gallery

Enjoy now

"You must live in the present, 

launch yourself on every wave, 

find your eternity in each moment. 

Fools stand on their island of opportunities

and look toward another land." - Henry David Thoreau


I came across these words earlier today while reading a magazine called Flow, a magazine I highly recommend to any creative soul. It was probably no surprise that I came across this message while listening and watching a superb "All star tribute to Joni Mitchell - Lifetime Award Concert" from 2000. 


I came across this artist at the beginning of the year, again by a so called accident ... on a late winter night (thanks to a documentary shown on TV, about her life) when i was recovering from severe back pain ... I was and still am mesmerized.... 

Although i was not part of the flower power revolution/movement I can feel and cheer, the  instrumental role she had in expressing the deep feelings of a generation ...."suffer elegantly" in front of our eyes .....  her willingness to show  vulnerability and help other ... feel listened to and understood........ 

And coming back to the first words, I am surrounded by a feeling of sadness ... thinking that many people from my parent's generation (living in a dictatorial Communist regime) ... stood ... frozen by fear ... on an imaginary land called their lives ... not even daring to look outside the "fishing tank" , too afraid to express their emotions ...... too afraid to LIVE and not only EXIST. 

I do believe that the ones who embrace art as a channel of self expression transcend the reality, bleak as it might be and evolve, connect easier with like minded people, dare to challenge themselves, their fears, have a richer and more meaningful lives. 

So, what are you waiting for? Launch yourselves on every wave .... write, sing, paint, draw, perform, sketch .... it will transform your lives. 




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