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November 2014

Inspiration and shapes

There is always a time when words don't come easy. It simply doesn't mean one is silent, but just that one chooses to express oneself through music or paintings or drawings. That's what I've been doing for a while. Actually ... i was so consumed by the paints and the brushes and the canvases and paper that there was simply no space for words, written words. 

I will share for a few days or maybe weeks ... who knows ... some of my sources of inspiration. ... nature, books, artists from all around the world, objects ... .. you might also find it interesting ... 

It's been quite a while now since my fascination with the cave art started ... but there is a big difference between a passive appreciation and an active one . Nowadays I want to understand it, explore the meaning of it, try it myself. 

This is why I bought "The mind in the cave" by David Lewis Williams a world renowned for his lifetime's work on ancient rock art


It is amazing how many stories one can tell with simple lines ... simple (is anything simple?) drawings, carvings ... they are evocative, powerful and mysterious. Studying them made me really want to give some time to drawing, something I thought I am not good at.

How many of us think that they are rubbish at art because we say to ourselves ...... ....You don't know?  I CAN'T EVEN DRAW! And because of this thought I didn't even want to try drawing.. until ... one day when I thought that i would like to just PLAY with the juicy pens ... and make marks ... i am still playing, making marks ... some people call it drawing and doodling ... it is definitely all of this and more, much more. 

So, cave art inspires me. If you want to see a bit of what cave art is all about, watch this documentary and ... play with the pens.