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Expressive landscapes


I have recently started to film my creative process. It is a new journey for me and I am making baby steps but I am really determined to put together a few on line courses in the near future. Why? Because i am firmly convinced that especially in the challenging times we are living in, we all could benefit from picking up a brush, expressing our emotions, letting go of preconceived ideas, embrace the unknown with curiosity and not fear. 


I hope that you will enjoy watching the video.

The result is an expressive landscape that I will show in my upcoming exhibition at the Grange in Rottingdean on April 23rd - May 5th. 

 If you are in the area, do come on April 24th and April 30 from 11-1 pm to listen to my short talk and demonstration about the intuitive process. 

The private view is on April 25th from 2pm until 6pm. 


You can change your mind

Phase 6

A few days ago I had a lovely time painting a few random shapes on an old canvas. It made me feel so good, filled me with so much positive energy that I wanted to create another painting with the same approach. I have started by changing an old intuitive painting but somehow things didn't seem to go in the right direction and suddenly ... while watching a documentary on Arthur Conan Doyle and his famous detective Sherlock Holmes ....  2 shapes arrived on my canvas ....out of the blue ....  and I've started to smile .... years ago my best friend in Romania used to call me Sherlock and I called her Watson .... she is my soul sister and this painting represents our connection .... soul to soul. The idea is .... if your painting doesn't seem right ...........change directions.


I hope that you will enjoy the visual step by step process :) 

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