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Beetroot soup, painting, passion and flamenco

Red ... a colour I love  ... one colour, many shades ... each telling another story ... the beetroot red for me is the colour of flamenco .... deep, passionate, mysterious...... the colour of deep roots coming from beyond the times .... coming with the wisdom of the feminine lineage!

I love listening to flamenco music when I am painting ... I love listening to flamenco music when I am cooking as well .... it is a constant reminder that without passion ... nothing makes sense ... 


This is exactly what I've been doing earlier today while in the kitchen ... I was listening to ...Miguel Povaeda and cooking  a new soup 


Beetroot and red pepper soup 

2 beetroots peeled and sliced

2 red peppers

1 tsp butter or sunflower oil 

1 onion peeled and chopped

1 garlic clove crushed

1 vegetable stock cube

1 later of water 

black pepper and a pinch of paprika

What's next? 

Just cut all of the vegetables, fry them lightly, add a litter of water and ... boil for 25 minutes until soft. That's about it .... liquidise it and .... done .... add a teaspoon of sour cream  and a pinch of zaatar and enjoy! 


About yellow, paintings, fear and strength

There is a saying in Romanian that says "the colour of fear is yellow" ... and when one is afraid one's colour turns into yellow as well. 

One of my first free style paintings on a biggish scale is the one bellow always when one paints in an intuitive way, there is nothing planned, one allows images, colours to appear on the canvas, you follow the shapes that want to arrive ... your own will power and desire takes a second place .... there is yellow ... lots of yellow  ..... I know how I felt then .... I know that fear wanted to be expressed in one way or another .... sometimes painting helps you scream, helps you talk without using words ....... yellow .... fear ... loneliness ....  IMG_1657

But no, yellow is not only the colour of fear and loneliness .... it is the colour of the sun and warmth ... and the colour associated with the navel chakra, which is the centre of power, emotion, connection with one another, self love. 

Yellow is also a happy colour for me .... just like the happy pussycat, part of a "Funky pussycats series"


And for whatever reason ... I have no idea why ... maybe because of the association with emotion and power, 2 in 1 , I associate yellow to tai chi  .... something I've been practicing for the last 2 years,  that helped me deal with incredible moments of fear and  despair and it brought me to a place of balance and optimism. 


So colour .. the same colour has many meanings for me .... positive, negative, neutral .... 

And last but not least ... let's talk about yellow and ... soup .... yellow soup ... nurturing, healing, a joy for the eyes .... an absolute British classic with a twist 


Leak and potato soup with a touch of turmeric 

3 medium size leaks 

3 medium size potatoes 

1 tsp of butter of sunflower oil 

pinch of salt, pepper and 1 Knorr cube 

1/2 tsp of turmeric 

1 litter of water 

What do you need to do? Just add all of the ingredients in a pot, fry them for a few minutes , add the water, simmer for 25 minutes and then using a blender for 5 minutes ... you are done ... a yellow soup, a symbol of whatever you want, of whatever makes you feel good.... I believe that the symbology of yin and yang is pretty relevant ... 



About green, the heart and a soup

I am an artist! Colours mean a lot to me ... they heal, nurture, talk to me .... they call me and not the other way round. Green is not at all a colour I use in abundance in my paintings .. on the contrary .. and it is the same with my clothes ... up until 2 days you couldn't have found anything green in my wardrobe. But things have changed ...... 2 days ago I've felt an intense need for green in various shades ... so I have now a baggy green summer dress, Turkish trousers, a funky bag .... and yesterday I felt the need to cook ... a green soup ... all of this out of nowhere ... but was it really out of nowhere? Nope! I've realised that ... a year ago to the day.... .. my mother was leaving this Earthly dimension ... it was a blessing ... a big blessing for her... 

So ..... GREEN ..... I did a bit of research and green actually corresponds to the HEART chakra .... it's all about UNCONDITIONAL LOVE ... it is also the colour associated to my astrological sign .... 

Coincidence? Oh no ... I don't think so ... it's a sign ... a sign from the other side ... at least this is how I want to interpret it. Believe what you want to believe .... this is what you would hear me telling you time and time again if I were to know you in person. 

So ... I cooked a GREEN SOUP ... listened to Russian music (yes..... my mother was Russian)) ... and celebrated her departure ... celebrated my belief in reincarnation and my heartfelt wish for her to have a better and more exciting new life. 

And now .. here is the recipe just I case you might want to cook my green soup as well ... and a link to beautiful Gypsy Russian music. 


Green Spinach and broccoli soup 

200 grams spinach leaves

1 small broccoli head (do chop it guys)

2 tsp butter or sunflower oil

2 leaks chopped

1 big onion chopped

2 garlic cloves

3 small carrots

a handful of parsley and lovage if you have 

1 chicken stock cube

1 litter of water 

juice of 1 small lemon 

salt, pepper, a pinch of paprika and a pinch of turmeric powder 

Add sour cream in your plate and freshly cut chives from the garden. 

Soups are the easiest thing in the world to make ... just melt the butter in a pan, ad the chopped vegetables, cook over low heat, add the water, stock cube, bring to boil and simmer for about 25 minutes.

Puree everything , add the lemon juice, salt and pepper and simply enjoy with a slice of cheese on toast .... and then,  put your feet up and watch a mesmerising gypsy music and dancing concert! 







Satish Kumar and a lovely poem

A few days ago I browsed through one of  my "Resurgence" magazines,  came across a lovely poem by Satish Kumar, loved it  and felt the need to share it. Enjoy! 




"Whole body Prayer"

 May our legs be strong and steady

May our feet tread softly on the earth

May our stomach be small and soft

May our belly be full of fire

May our heart be large and loving

May our soul be simple and serene

May our mind be calm and clear

May our spirit be free of fear

May our mouth mind sweet words and kind kisses

May our eyes see beauty below, beauty above and beauty all around

May our ears hear words of praise and music of the cosmos

May our hands be generous in giving and grateful in receiving

May our arms find joy in embracing

May our body be a temple of love!