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A simple, decadent lemony solid body butter

Lemony solid body butter

It is an incredibly rainy, windy June day in Eastbourne today, one of those days when one needs to add a jumper to just feel comfortable in the house. It feels more like a late spring day or early autumn one and not at all summer ... but hey ho, one needs to adapt and carry on, regardless. As most of my fellow entrepreneurs know our working day has no beginning and no end and the same with the week ... sometimes Sunday is our Monday and Saturday or Tuesday and we relax whenever we feel that we need a break. This is exactly what I've done today ... after a photographic session (nope I am not the star of this session but a few of my KORINA Collection bags) I felt the need to ... take a break ... an active one. 

As an avid reader, half an hour of reading relaxes me happily but I am also tempted to carry on and carry on .... forgetting about the time ... so trying a new natural cosmetics recipe is what helped me relax today. 

Making my own natural cosmetics is now definitely part of my life ... I love the endless recipes one can try, the delicious ingredients, the smells, the simple act of weighing precise quantities of oils and butters and essential oils (it is exactly the opposite of the way I am in front of an easel when rules are nowhere to be seen) .... the melting and stirring and waiting and melting some more and stirring some more and ....trying with immense curiosity the result of my efforts. It is indeed a highly rewarding activity from many points of view. 

Let me share with you today the recipes I've tried ... it is not the first time I am doing this product .... solid body butter ... I have tried other combinations but today ... it was a lemony solid body butter recipe as I love the lemony smell .... 

What do you need? 


20 grams cocoa butter 

30 grams coconut oil 

20 grams beeswax 

The beauty of making your own cosmetics products is that you can recycle old cream containers ... and this is exactly what I have done! 




Add the cocoa butter, coconut butter, beeswax into a double boiler and let it melt slowly. Once melted, remove from the heat, let it stay for a few minutes and add the essential oils. in this case, I have decided to add lemon essential oils about 20 drops. Pour the mixture into your containers and let it cool. If you are impatient you can of course put in in the fridge for half an hour. Hmmm yes do not worry if you spill a bit on the side ... once it cools down you can peel it easily with a knife :) 


This solid body butter is a great skin moisturiser, perfect for your elbows, feet, knees  .... Have a go ... make your own ... the smell is divine 





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