Cleopatra inspired milk and Himalayan salt bath
A simple, decadent lemony solid body butter

An introduction to intuitive painting ... through a book!


Life, paint and passion 


Are you an artist?  Do you paint. What do you paint - a house, a portrait of a loved one, your pet, the sea - Is this it? Are you doing your best to follow other people’s rules, do you watch lots of tutorials, copy other artists, are you striving for the perfect painting?


What would it be like to paint without your internal critic whispering in your ear, without it passing judgement on your techniques, or your choice of the perfect brush, or the perfect colour combination? What would it be like … for a change … to learn by allowing art to take you where it will through uncontrolled discovery?


What if I tell you that there are other ways to create art by simply allowing what is within you to emerge and to speak through shapes and colours? 


If you have an inner critic, I would really recommend you read “Life, paint and passion” by Michell Cassou and Steward Cubley. The book comes with a warning from me … a happy warning … this book might, just might, help you to paint like never before - with a new found feeling of freedom. Get the book, read it, start painting! 




Robyn Free

Thank you Corina. I know you speak from experience and your book recommendations are always useful and helpful and illuminating xx

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