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Cleopatra inspired milk and Himalayan salt bath


I am a big fan of everything related to Egypt .... but my post is not about history but about beauty. Nobody knows for sure if indeed Cleopatra used to take long baths in milk but it is a great thought isn't it? Given the cold weather in England and the fact that the Brits are not quite used to keeping their houses very warm (yes I am sure my Romanian fellows will not quite believe this) having a bath is something relatively common ... yes it warms you up, it helps you relax and release the heavy emotional weights one has to carry during the days  .... it allows you to sing your favourite song or listen to an audio book or music or simply be and meditate in the presence of a candle ..... 

Shops are full of products promising the most amazing experiences ... bath gel, bath bombs, bath oils and so on .... Of course I used to buy them in the past and who knows I might buy some in the future but .... one day .... I looked at the ingredients stated on the back of a milk bath pack .... yes the names were written in latin (required by the law), tiny, tiny letters (It made me feel as if I definitely need to change my glasses) and much to my surprise ... the ingredients seemed very simple ... I realised I had them in my cupboard ... and ... I promised myself I will try and make my own Beehive milk bath pretty soon. This was 6 months ago ... today ... it was the day when my muse was ready to spring into action and ... yes I made my first batch. Was it difficult? Nope! Not at all! Was it a pleasant experience`? Oh yes! And ... I did lit a candle ... one made by me :) (but this is for another day)

Surely you already know. it but I will remind you that having a milk and salt bath allows your skin to rejuvenate itself more quickly resulting in radiantly glowing, satiny smooth and soft skin. Have a go! 

This is what you need in order to make your own milk and salt bath. 

1 cup powdered milk 

1 cup Himalayan salt (or sea salt) the fine version but also add a few table spoons of course Himalayan salt

rose buds and rose petals ... they do look good in the bath

10 drops essential oils (in my case I chose to use patchouli as it made me think of India) 


Mix the ingredients together, add the essential oils and ... store it in glass jars or other air tight containers. 

For your bath add 4 to 6 tablespoons  of milk and salt bath to briskly running water and enjoy a soothing soak. One last thing .... the Himalayan salt helps with cleansing, and detoxifying,  leaving your skin silky and ... refreshed! 


Robyn Free

Nice idea - but as you know Corina as a vegan I never condone any product containing animals products and dairy is a particular bugbear of mine and I discourage people from exploiting cows and calves by stealing their milk - I personally would swap coconut or oat milk for the dairy - just as effective and no unkindness to animals or bad karma involved. Good luck with your product development journey x

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