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About the colour blue and earrings and the throat chakra



Jewellery ... I love wearing it, who doesn't. Colour .. naturally I love understanding it and using it in my paintings. So I now include a hand made (by me) range of delicate earrings inspired by the yogi Chakras.

7 years ago or maybe 8 I was leaving a job in London and starting to create this blog Beehiveartsstudio... the blog suffered a few changes in terms of names ... I have settled on the beehive arts studio. At that time I was painting, doing monotypes, exploring many visual creative avenues  .... but my intense curiosity took me into more areas ... creative cooking, exploring the world of making natural cosmetics, making jewellery inspired by my own art, designing bags .... The name of the blog is so fitted to the way I am, to who I am ... and again .. the name is connected to my ..... maiden name .... which in Romanian means ... "the one who has beehives"  ....would you say that ... everything is "hidden" in the name? More about this in a later blog ..... 

Back to my first  pair of earring, the ones you see in the image and here  ....the teal blue ones, inspired by the throat chakra ... because I believe we all need to have our voices heard. Wear this pair of earrings when you need to express what you know and feel. Wear it in your next yoga class when you want to concentrate more on the way you communicate with yourself and the world around you.

I would also wear them in the office, when you feel that you need an extra support to ... make your voice heard, to talk about your ideas in front of your boss, to be able to communicate clearly and efficiently with the ones around you. 

Blue is also the colour that our human nervous system responds to when it needs to settle down, to become quiet, when we want to enter into a more peaceful mode, more dreamlike, when one is ready to start ones own meditative practice. This is why we do feel so good close to the sea, this is why many times, when life seems overwhelming I love a long walk by the sea because this brings me back to a more balanced self. 

Remember that ... colour heals, colour empowers us!


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