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Beatrice Wood a free spirit, an inspiring ceramicist


“Educate your eye, go to wonderful museums, absorb the magnificent culture that has been built up through the ages. Spend times in libraries, look at art books. Culture is the meeting of minds; when a spark is born, one man adds a pearl to the chain of another. Do not imitate but listen to the small voice which is your own and true.” - Beatrice Wood

If this quote is not enough to make you order this book now, I really don’t quite know what would. I came across Beatrice Wood by accident, one of those moments when your hand is guided on a particular shelve, in a particular bookshop and you simply know that this is going to be an inspiring book, written by an inspiring woman, an artist about her own life.  

An adventurous woman, a bohemian, a free spirit, born in 1893 in San Francisco, Beatrice Wood’s life became associated with some of the most prestigious thinkers, sages and artists of her era like Duchamps, Roche, Constantin Brincusi, Isidora Duncan, Anais Din, Krishnamurti, Annie Besant and many more. 

Aged 40, she discovered her vocation, her passion, her gift  … pottery and in the following years she created unique, powerful pieces, becoming one of the major ceramicists of the 20th century. 

Yep … go now, go and order her book …go and order “I shock myself“ by Beatrice Wood ........ you won’t regret it! 




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