About being bullied, civil service and how storytelling, painting, humour can help
Being bullied in the civil service, my story

Let's continue the story, my story, my experience of being bullied in the civil service world


Let's continue the story started yesterday ... in case you haven't had the chance to read it ... click here

A few years ago, about 10-11 to be precise,  I was bullied. I was just one of many civil servants bullied on a daily basis. What was different in my case is that I was one of the very few people who reported the case to the management and went through the whole challenging and emotional process of proving the case. It was not easy but I do not regret doing it. What I encourage other people who are going through similar situations is to report it... stop suffering in silence. And most importantly involve your union. If you are not a member yet, do not way, go and join. Quickly! Reporting is super important as well. It is the only way to stop a very catchy and damaging behaviour. We all experience the pain of bullying in different ways ....pain is a label, a word .... underneath ... is an entire world. Anyway, one of the tools that helped me during the process was painting on a daily basis, late at night and writing ... below you can read the second part of my fictional story, telling the story of the environment I was working in. The deputy director who read it, told me that his wife has been bullied as well in her work environment (in another company) ... he was theatrical and hypocritical ... and why not .... he was the product of an environment he grew up in. The story now ... 

" .... down the line came the decision to move forward, the spring offensive was starting. All hell breaks loose with the enemy approaching 1st Company, the 8th Army bridgehead, from all directions. The Captain (my manager) panics, puts his head in his hands, loses the plot of defence completely and starts screaming at the Sergeant (temporarily demoted me)  - "have you checked that we have bullets (inferring that I am a complete idiot), the Sergeant says we have, the Captain says "are you sure, go and check" (meaning I don't trust you) - so the Sergeant's men are exposed as the Sergeant takes his eye off the approaching enemy. "Are you sure they are real bullets, not dummies" screams the Captain, "are you sure" (inferring the Sergeant doesn't do his job properly). The Sergeant replies "yes of course, the men are all professionals". "Go and check - and while you are at it do an inventory of bullets to make sure we do not run out" shouts the Captain at the Sergeant.

The enemy are getting closer but 1st Company is stationary as the Sergeant is having to do a stock check. "Have you checked that we have enough 303 rifles for each man" panics the Captain - the increasingly desperate Sergeant says "yes" - "go and check" replies the Captain - in a highly exercised state the Sergeant leaves his position once again even though he can see the eyes of the enemy peering through the privet hedge laughing ........

To be continued .....tomorrow! 


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