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Painting Buddha a journey


Painting Buddha is a state of mind. Painting Buddha is a journey ... Painting Buddha is each time a different experience. I know this ... as I am walking this talk .... probably the first Buddha I've painted was 3 years ago .... it was enough to get me hooked and I am sure it is the same for many artists who try their hand at a particular subject and feel a deep connection to it. It is a never-ending source of inspiration and a never-ending way of painting it .... colour wise, expression wise, energy wise .... 

It is even more interesting when you decide to paint on top of an older painting ... in my case, before I had a painting I called ... the dreamcatcher ... you can see it below .... 


I did this painting last year when I was experimenting with stencils ... I enjoyed painting it but I know a couple of weeks ago ... that I want to paint something else on top ... this is how it happens sometimes ... one feels that it is time for ... transformation ... and boy of boy this painting loved changing plenty of times. 

Once finished, the title came pretty fast ... it is ... The Dreamcatcher Buddha ... have a look at the video below ... and see the phases it went through ... 




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