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The night blooming cereus or the queen of the night



2 years ago we ve been gifted 2 branches of a night blooming cereus ....a beautiful and interesting plant (the mother plant of the one we've been gifted) is coming from Grenada island ....little did we know that the plant will grow into a tree ...with such unusual, silky leaves ..and that have the first flower bud .....soooo exciting for us ...the flower is extraordinarily beautiful and it opens only during the night ....can t wait to witness its development!


Of course I will be taking photos regularly and post it's journey! I've read quite a few bits of articles ab out this plant and apparently it only flowers during one night  ... so one needs to almost guard :) the plant during the night to catch the moment of flowering or it will be missed alltogether .... or ... one needs to install a camera ... and film the process ... 



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