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As the weather is so much gentler in England (after weeks after weeks of relentless heat), I am back again in my experimenting phase ... this time I ve made ... for the first time a whipped body butter ... it has lots of fascinating ingredients ... argan oil, Shea butter, grape seed oil, Epsom salts, beeswax, frankincense essential oil.... it smells lovely, it feels really light on the skin ... it needs to be kept in the fridge as it is water based but who cares ... it s 100% natural ...apparently it helps people with rheumatic pain ... I don t know but apparently it does.....there is something magical about making your own skincare products ... really magical ...

I came across making cosmetics a couple of years ago ... I was already making cold pressed soaps and I've started to think what else can I do with all of the yummy ingredients ... with the divine butters, oils with exotic names? So ... the one who was in the driving seat for me was my CURIOUS side ... and this is how .... another world started to open in front of my eyes ... a world which keeps showing me new and exciting avenues. Not all products are a success of course but the success is even sweeter when one comes across a great recipe ... this product is really divine ... the funny thing is that I don't like to make cakes and batters but I have no problem making :) creams ... I have as much patience as is needed here :) 

So, if you want to make your own creams, soaps ... just start, start with the research phase and carry on ... I will start posting some little video on youtube with my step by step process ... the youtube channel is BEEHIVE ARTS STUDIO 





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