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Vanilya, Bhakti and the power of love

Same soul, another reincarnation. Four months ago, my lovely Vanilya succumbed .... killed by incompetence, killed by a drug called Convenia, killed by vets whose intuitive minds had retired a long time ago - maybe soon after they finished their university years. I wonder what it was that killed their passion, their curiosity to study, learn and heal. I'm talking here about healing and not about pushing pills. I'm talking here about inner observation, I'm talking here about a deep connection between the vet and the fury soul in need for help.

My fury friend in Romania only went to the vet once and lived until 17 years old. Yes, we had a terrible time with him when he was about 7 and we thought we were about to loose him. As with Vanilya I believed then that vets are here to help ..... as with Vanilya they traumatised him with test after test. The funny or sad thing then was that we were told by top vets in my country that, based on the results of the tests our fury friend should have been dead - and they couldn't understand how he was still alive. How about that!

But .... we were touched by an angel in the form of a nurse. She saw my desperation and told me ... try LIVE 52. You have nothing to loose. And guess what guys!? It WORKED! Our lovely fury friend lived happily for 10 more years. How about that!? LIVE 52 is a herbal syrup, manufactured in India from plants. Yes my darlings from plants. Not from chemicals, but plants because, thank God, there are still people around the world who are still connected to mother nature. There are still people around the world who are CURIOUS and still BELIEVE that the answers to our ailments already exist in nature.

Vanilya (Top picture as a titch) came back to us as Bhakti (Bottom picture as a younger titch) ... a bundle of joy, reminding me of the power and intensity of love. Who knows .... maybe Vanilya was ... my lovely fury .... yes guys, I believe in reincarnation and oh boy isn't the whole concept wonderful!

Love and light!

Vanilya, Bhakti and the power of love

Titch 1 May