Simona Mihai

That's my girl and now we are talking! Well done on your very adventurous work-line and life! Here is to more and even better ones!


Adventurous ...yes, you can say it again! :o)

Maggie Currie

An inspiring lady who has so much to give


Oh Maggie my sweet! The 100$ question is .... what next! :o) Many hugs!


My wonderful amazing are such an inspiration to me! Thank you for sharing your journey and your gifts :)


Jill my darling thank you for reading that part of story and for being part of my current journey :)

Claire Waller

This is a very inspiring story. How wonderful that you are really at that point where you are able to be at peace with yourself. i hope this doean't sound patronising. Just simply mean after striving sso hard and gosh we can see why. You are able to really reflect, through paint, whatever medium. Thank you.
Much love Claire @Buttercup


My dear Clare, thank you so so much for your heartfelt words. I'm humbled that you took the time to read the story. Yes, art, the written word has a huge impact in cleansing, detoxing, transforming, processing, making one feel alive and complete and loved!
See you soon!


Your art and your writing speaks to me. It inspires me to listen to my intuition and to feel my joy. You are very gifted and although you live many many miles from me I feel blessed to know you. Keep up your inspiring words and art. Many blessings to you.


Dear, dear Celeste,

What a joy to read your words. I believe we all are inspiring each other. It's one of the best gifts we have and share! Love and light!


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